Mr. Goh Cheng Tee, PBM

GOH CHENG TEE, our chairman graduated from Curtin University of Technology with a Bachelor degree in Commerce Property.

He has over 30 years of experiences in construction industry for a wide variety of project including Air Conditioning Mechanical Ventilation System, Cleanroom design, and related systems for commercial, industrial, hospitality and educational project.

Goh is an individual that strongly believes in fusing corporate and individual social responsibility together. He has involved in the community service in Singapore (Jurong area) for more than 10 years and was appointed as Chairman of a voluntary welfare organization Loving Heart Multi Service (Jurong)) since 2013. On the following year, he was conferred the Public Service Medal (PBM) by His Excellency, The President of The Republic of Singapore.


Mr. Darwin Wu

Darwin Wu, as president of Acaltronic Private Limited, plays a key role to set, formulate and strategize the growth of the company; not only by volume but also to bring the company to emerge in the Asia Pacific region which have developed steadily these recent years.

Darwin Wu has a strong international footprint through his past 20 years professional career paths, which strengthen his adaptability and broaden his networks. As a professional, he was an executive dealing with multinationals, public listed and global player companies that allows him to deal with multicultural, cross-industries and multi engaged projects.  

Prior to Acaltronic, Darwin Wu was with Dynacast International Ltd as a Vice President of Sales. Dynacast is a US global manufacturer of Precision High Pressure Die Casting, serving most of Fortune 500 companies over 2,000 customers worldwide. Darwin has shown an excellent track record as his sales leadership had been able to grow the sales volume despite the strong competition. Along with carrying out his roles and responsibilities in Asia Pacific, he had worked and collaborated closely with the Europe and North America regions for cross-territory potentials and solutions.

Darwin Wu was a Senior Director of ASUS, a Fortune 500 Taiwan multinational computer hardware and electronics manufacturer, listed in Taiwan and London Stock Exchange. Within his 15 years tenure in the company, Darwin devoted to set up, build, develop and manage ASUS business in South East Asia region. He hailed a milestone to bring ASUS business into South East Asia in 2000. From there, Darwin’s proven track record was followed by achieving dominant product-by-product market share, more than 75% market share for motherboard sales volume, and rapid improvement of ASUS brand image in the region. 

Darwin speaks several languages and dialects fluently (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Fujian, Indonesian and Malay) and earned his MBA from National University of Singapore, as well as a B.Sc. in Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering from National Taiwan University.


Leonardi Laud
Managing Director of PT Acaltronic Inti Indonesia

Mr Leonardi Laud is our Managing Director of PT Acaltronic Inti Indonesia. He is in-charge of the operation of Acaltronic in Indonesia. Mr Laud has many years of experience in construction industry in Indonesia. His experience is not only limited to projects in Jakarta but many other projects in other cities in Indonesia.
Mr Laud has also spent more than 25 years managing various factories during his early years of his career. His experience has help him in designing factories layouts and building factories / industrial projects for our clients. Some of our satisfied clients are Autoclaves Aerated Concrete Factory, Rotogravure printing warehouse, Printing ink factory and PT. Bestpack Coating. Our client, PT. Bestpack Coating was so impressed by his knowledge in designing, building and operating of factories, Mr Laud is now serving in their Board of Directors. He continues to advise them in their factory’s upgrading projects and operations.
Mr Laud graduated with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Taiwan University (NTU). He has great passions to serve the society, especially in health care and education. He always reminded us about “heathy body healthy mind” and “give our young ones fishing rod and teach them how to fish”. He was President of National Taiwan University Indonesian Alumni Association for 5 consecutive years. During his tenure as President, he started a committee to assist young Indonesians to obtain entry to National Taiwan University, assist them in their difficulties in adapting to the study life in Taiwan,and arranging NTU Alumni to coach these Indonesian undergraduates in their studies.
Using his closed connection with the various government officials in Taiwan and Indonesia, he has managed to bring Taiwan International Medical Corps to Indonesia in the exchanges of medical technologies and researches between hospitals of both countries.


Anton Susanto
Business Development Director of PT. Acaltronic Inti Indonesia

Mr Anton Susanto is our Business Development Director of PT. Acaltronic Inti Indonesia. He is in-charge of developing awareness and branding of our company in Indonesia. With his vast business knowledge, he is also helping our Managing Director to grow our company in various industries.
Anton is the knowledge center of our company. He is always upgrading himself and attending course to find out new knowledge and new horizon. He obtained degrees and post degrees in Marketing in various Universities. Some of the universities are Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya and Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. As he always said “knowledge has no boundary and we have to widen our horizon through studies.”
Anton has many years of experience in medical industry. He was involved in his family business in medical equipment, property development and information technology hardware and software.