Acaltronic Private Limited was formed by a group of experts in their field so as to offer a one-stop engineering solutions for our valuable clients.

Our strengths are the knowledge and experience within the company.  The company is formed by a group of engineering experts from various fields, as well as various phase of construction phases.

Our core expertise are

  • Turnkey Factory and Datacenter
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design
  • Mechanical and Electrical Services Installation
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management
  • Civil and Structure Design
  • Physical Protective Security Design
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Energy Audit of Existing Services
  • Green and Environmental Sustainability
  • Medical Equipment Design and Installation


Our in-house experts have years of experiences in their fields.  Some of the iconic projects that they have assisted to complete are Yangon International Airport, Changi International Airport, Boeing Singapore Training Facilities, Rumah Sakit Gleneagles in Medan, International Technology Park in Bangalore, St Regis Singapore Hotel, ION Orchard Shopping and many more.

We believe that our clients would benefit from our core expertise as well as our integrated engineering strength. From building owners, consultants, building management agents, and contractors, we are confident that we could add values to their processes, designs, installations, methods, commissioning, and even capital & operation cost.

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darwin wu

Message from President

Engineering in construction industry has seen many changes in recent years.  The increase awareness of environmental sustainability, increase reliance on Information Technologies in our daily life and decrease reliance on manpower have changed how we plan, design, install and execute our work.

Buildings are expected to last more than half of a century; therefore, we are doing our utmost to ensure the engineering design shall able to support the clients for years to come.  The biggest challenge is the future.  Predicting future technologies and operational requirements is not easy and accurate.  Our understanding of the future may change because many future disruptive innovations would change the way we work and operate.  Therefore, our emphasis is on modular, scalable and expandable design – to prepare the building for the future.

Environmental sustainability of buildings has been a hot topic in recent years.  This is also our design direction towards decrease reliance on artificial lighting and artificial cooling in buildings; that is increasing occupant comfort but reducing the carbon footprint of the development. Our design and operations shall move towards reducing waste, recycling waste and reusing waste.

Post 911, security threats and countermeasures have played important part in the building structural design and security planning.  We have included this expertise into our team to assist the clients to strengthen their resilience against potential security threats.

We must continue challenging new boundaries and carving a clear path towards our ultimate goal of becoming the most valuable partner of our clients. Pioneering revolutionary change in our business is an important part of that. I strongly believe we can use our passion and expertise to create value to our clients, whom are our ultimate business partners.

November 2016

Darwin Wu


Meet our core team and understand more about our ability and competency.

Anton Susanto

Business Development Director of PT Acaltronic Inti Indonesia